Organizing For The Year 101

In such a fast paced industry like fashion, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, and let’s face it: juggling a full time course load, internships and a part time job to pay for it all is not an easy task. Staying organized is a crucial part it being successful in fashion, and thanks to these simple tips, organization has never been so easy.

Get an agenda

Go to your local book or dollar store and grab an agenda (anyone that fits your criteria). I personally love the Kate Spade ones, because there’s different tabs, inspirational quotes, multiple calendars and extra space for notes/planning.


On your computer, create 1 folder for each course your taking and organize it on your desktop (or somewhere else that it’s easy to access)

Course outlines

Online your professors will upload your course outlines for the semester/year. Download all of them and put them in the folder you made for the class

Plan for the semester

Grab your agenda and a pencil (pen’s don’t leave any room for erasing if something needs to be changed). Go through all the course outlines and fill out due dates on the calendar section (I like to be descriptive: write the class, assignment and due date/time)

Planning for the whole semester is so important for you to stay on track and on top of the game. If you’re busy doing it all (like interning and working on top of school), you can easily tell which weeks are busy, so you may want to request some time off work.

Note: Be sure to fill in your agenda with additional days that are important: such as school events, interning hours, etc.

Making an assignment is also super useful. I started doing it in my second year at fashion school. By making a simple chart organized by week, with a row for each course you’re in, and filling in every assignment due throughout the entire semester will give you a visual of what’s due when, making it easy to plan your weeks accordingly.

Planning by week

I like to plan a week in advanced for everything (it allows me to stay on the ball). Go through your calendar and see what’s due, then plan out what you need to do each day for the week ahead.

Setting reminders

Leave yourself sticky notes or reminders in your phone for anything important that you need to do/remember. This makes sure that you won’t forget what needs to be done!


Keep in touch with peers and close friends in the program. By communicating it can remind you that you have stuff due.

Text by Marcia Lopes and Olivia Kolarich 

Image by Marcia Lopes

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