What They Failed To Tell You Before Becoming A Fashion Student

I’m sure the stereotypes in movies scared you a little bit (Miranda Priestley was no joke, and trust me, you’ll run into professors and bosses who could very well be the devil dressed in a Prada disguise), but there’s a whole lot more to be worried about then just an intimidating professor. That’s why we’re here: to warn you about all the things we wish people told us about fashion school.


Yes, money. If your mind set is ‘Tuition is payed, now I just need to worry about saving money for that new leather jacket I’ve been eyeing at All Saints’, sorry to break it to you but you are SO wrong

The never ending list of expenses consists of:

Tuition: Mandatory, sadly.


Textbooks: BOOOO! Personal tip, don’t listen to all of your professors, you won’t need at least half of them

=~$20-$1,000 (depends if you want to take the risk of “I probably won’t need that text book”

“The Kits”: There will most likely be multiple of these: some for sewing, pattern drafting and illustration (to name a few)


Additions: You’ll need/use almost everything in “The Kit”, but there will be other projects where you will need extra/additional supplies. If you are a Fashion Design student you’ll be spending all of your extra pocket change of fabric, trimmings, buttons, thread, and the list goes on and on and on


Printing: Make buddies with the people at your local printing shop. You’ll be spending lots of time (and money!)  there getting stuff printed, so if you have to flirt a little with the guy at the counter for a discount- DO IT. Weekly printing costs add up QUICK.


Transporting time

Bust out the tennis shoes or load up your metro pass, because you’ll be traveling more then you thought. Between getting from your internship to your afternoon class, you’ll need to stop by the printers to pick up that last minute project, but not before swinging by the art store to restock on markers (and that’s just Tuesdays).  ADD MORE

 Exhaustion’s in full effect

Enjoy your vacation time and long naps while it you can, because once school starts, you’ll likely be living off a maximum of 5 hours of sleep and endless Starbucks. Your mornings, days, and nights will be filled with a million different assignments (not actually a million, but it sure feels like it) while juggling studying, work, and internships. “I’m exhausted” will become your new go-to catch phrase.

It’s by no means easy

Sure, it looks all glitz and glam but that isn’t always the reality. You will most likely be a full time student taking at least 6 courses (if you are attending Ryerson’s Fashion Program). By at least 6, I mean that Ryerson does this STUPID thing where they divide Fashion classes into 2 different sections- so to make it more difficult on us it says we are only taking 1 class but you’re actually in 2 *Que mental breakdown* If you thought fashion school would be filled with glamorous events and regular outings with your friends- think again.

Text by Marcia Lopes and Olivia Kolarich 

Image by Becca Moktar

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