Know Your Worth During Your Internship


Let’s keep it real, you either love your internship, or you hate it (there usually isn’t an in-between). Either way, it’s important to know your worth and value to your employer, so here’s some of our best advice.


First things first, the way you’re treated at your internship is extremely important. Remember; you are an educated individual who is trying to further their skill in the industry, so that means coffee runs aren’t going to help you. Know your worth and don’t be scared to speak up if something feels wrong.


When you land an internship, you’ll be told what tasks/roles you are expected to take on. Be sure that the tasks you initially agreed on are what you are actually doing. Yes, it’s always beneficial to take on additional tasks that will further your interning experience, however, make sure your employer isn’t taking advantage of you and assigning tasks that won’t benefit your overall learning experience.


Internships help you get one foot in the door and allow you to learn skills in the workplace that you wouldn’t be learning in school. You want your employer to trust you and give you real world tasks (that will most likely be happening in a fast paced environment). Remember to always show your employers respect and honesty, the relationships you build at your internships will help catapult your career.

Text by Marcia Lopes and Olivia Kolarich 

Image by Marcia Lopes

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