Internship Expectations vs. Reality

1. Expectation= Glamours office with comfy chairs, glass desk and gold pens

Reality= Your average building with poor lighting, cubicles and a receptionist that doesn’t smile at you when you walk in.

2. Expectation= Kitchen with a fancy coffee machine for you to fuel up when you are feeling low

Reality= Kitchen smaller then a city apartment’s, with a 1900’s kettle from someones grandma. Off to starbucks you go…

3. Expectations= Daily lunch breaks with the other interns at the building’s chic cafeteria while you catch up on your social media feeds.

Reality= You will probably be so busy that you’ll multitask eating and typing at your desk, or forget to eat altogether.

4. Expectations= The lengthy outfit planning process with pay off, everyone at the office will complement your “killer” look

Reality= Everyone is too busy in their fast paced job to complement your outfit, and you ruin your new leather ankle boots while painting the show room floors for the next press preview.

5. Expectation= Everyone knows you by name and is going to miss you when you’ve completed the internship

Reality= *Ding* Next intern please. You may think that your 3 month stint at your internship made a difference, but companies go through interns faster then Zara releases a new collection.

Text by Marcia Lopes and Olivia Kolarich 

Image: Movie-Devil Wears Prada

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