Problems of a Ryerson Fashion Student

Welcome to Rye-High (aka Ryerson University), where campus is half runway show thanks to Fashion Students and half rolled-out-of-bed-pjs thanks to all others.

1st year kits

There are multiple, and they’re HEAVY, which means you’ll need more then 2 hands when picking them up, so bribe your bestie and get them before they sell out!

The massive lineup at sherwood and copyrite

…right before an assignment’s due. Profs say it all the time ‘ Don’t leave this until the night before’ and while, more often then not you’ll be able to pull off the impossible and finish that pesky paper hours before the TurnItIn countdown is up- DO NOT leave printing for the day of. There are only a selective few printing places on/ around campus, and they’re guaranteed to be packed with fashion students on the days leading up to a project due date. If you want to get your editorial in on time, we suggest you have it printed a couple days before the due date.

The campus store

It’s either fully stocked with illustration boards or out of the size that you need. And don’t even think about going with the back up white coloured board instead of the required black one * Cue prof’s Miranda Priestly meltdown*

The weight of carrying the 1st year Art History textbook

Warning: Never bring it to class, you may pullout your back

The pain your pinky finger is in after a 3 hour illustration class

Sharpen your pencils and always make sure you have a new pack of fresh conte (because there’s nothing worse then spending 2 hours life drawing with a micro piece of scrap conte you found at the bottom of your kit).

“No eating and drinking” in the mac computer lab rule

I mean Okaaaay I do understand why this rule is enforced but how do you expect us to get through a 3 hour 9am Monday morning lab without a Venti Starbucks??

Getting marks deducted for Rubber Cement marks

…on your illustration board. You’d never think this was a real thing, but i can’t count how many projects i’ve had marks deducted from because of glue marks ( no matter how careful).

No fan in the sewing lab

Be sure to dress lightly. As if the stress of sewing under intense time constraints isn’t enough, 30 panicked students + industrial steamers – any sort of fan or cooling system = complete disaster.

When you mess up the serger…

As if Audrey isn’t intimidating enough, picture 20 other fashion students anxiously grilling you while you try to fix the serger that you swear you didn’t touch

The smell of the iron in the sewing lab

Aaaah yes, the smell of burnt muslin and murky water.

The stress during your first ever pattern drafting exam

*que the tears* I swear I have PTSD and traumatizing flashbacks of that horrendous class whenever i enter that dreaded Kerr Hall classroom.

Mission keeping your project safe when its raining and snowing out

The worst thing you can do is be caught in the rain walking from Sherwood to Kerr Hall. Always carry your projects in a zip-up portfolio. (damage=deducted marks)

50 pages of process work

Just when you think you can’t come up with any more variations of your project concept, Beatriz e-mails and requests 15 more.

Text by Marcia Lopes and Olivia Kolarich 

Image by Marcia Lopes

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