Resume Tips That Will Land You The Job

These may seem like no brainers, but typically these go in one ear, and out the other. So be sure to pay close attention to the below tips- they could make or break your chances at landing your dream gig.

Spell Check

Rule number 1: always double, triple and quadruple check, top to bottom, left to right. There’s no room for spelling mistakes, especially if it’s something super important like the company or someone’s name. If you are paranoid like me, get a fresh pair of eyes and get someone to look it over for you.

Update It to Reflect the Position

Look at the job posting and incorporate that into your resume, along with further information you’ve done on the company. You’re resume should reflect your capability and interest for the position, along with some personal diversity.

Easy to Read and View

Resumes are sent all the time, and after awhile they can be annoying to receive. Make sure the way you organize your page is easy to follow along with- hierarchy is important! You don’t want yours to be a struggle for someone to skim over.


If you are applying to a creative job it doesn’t hurt to add in some creative elements. ( we’re not talking a glittery pink Elle Woods-esque resume, but some extra creative touches never hurt anybody) You need to be sure that your resume is a reflection of yourself and your work, along with staying on brand with the company you are applying for. Also remember: you want it to be easy to view, so don’t get messy and overwhelming!

Quality and Presentation

If you are submitting your resume online make sure it’s a high-res PDF (unless the company states other wise). Be sure the file name is something relevant such as InsertName_Resume (ex: MarciaLopes_Resume) or InstertName_Position_Resume (ex: Marcia Lopes_Resume_Creative Director)

If you are submitting your resume in person be sure to print it on high quality paper with some weight to it, and be sure there are no ink defects. Lastly, when dropping it off, put the resume in an envelope to keep it safe and keep you looking professional. Either take the resume out of the envelope or leave it it. If you leave it in, be sure to write on the envelope your name, what it is and position (ex: Marcia Lopes Resume for Creative Director Position).

Good luck (and remember, don’t skip the proof reading)!

Text by Marcia Lopes and Olivia Kolarich 

Image by Becca Moktar

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