How To Succeed In Fashion?

If only I had a dime (or a hundred dollars), for every time I heard “The Fashion Industry is competitive, you know”. So how do you succeed in the fast paced word that is fashion your asking? We’ve got you covered….

The Drive

Never loose your passion that you first started with. Without it you will be complaining, stress (well…you probably always will be), and a over all mess. No one wants to wake up in the morning dreading going to work. Do what you love, and love what you do.


Be dedicated to everything you do. We all have those “ugh…I don’t want to” moments, but  instead turn that around. Pick it apart and find something you love about it and run with you, I promise you it’ll make your life easier and the task better.


Aim to learn something new everyday and don’t be scared to use handy-dandy google and ask people questions. Being knowledgable in this field is extremely important, and theres a lot to store in that brain of yours!

Note: Showing people how much and what you know a is seriously impressive. 


Don’t get on anyones bad side and seriously don’t leave any bad impressions. This multi-billion dollar industry may be huge, but everyone is linked to one another in some way. Always show your best side and leave an impression that will have people dying to work with you and have you part of their team.

Stand Out…only a little

Fashion is a self of expression, so show your unique individuality! Always think of how you can stand out amongst the rest, after all it is a competitive industry. Colour outside the lines a little but don’t totally break the rules.

Note: Don’t always compare yourself to others, be your own person. 


The world of fashion can make you feel on top of the world or bring you down low. Don’t let things bring you down, but instead take a lesson out of it. Keep a positive attitude to get you through your days, always do your best and you will feel rewarded.

Text by Marcia Lopes and Olivia Kolarich 

Image by Marcia Lopes

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